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Ready for the funnest, most fat-melting workout of your life?

Our Kickbox Conditioning classes use real gloves, real heavy bags, and proven fat-burning exercises to get you in awesome shape, fast.

Passionate instructors who care. Powerful conditioning that gets you FIT, fast. And the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training that North Kingstown has to offer. Click now to learn more!

Welcome to Total Body Forge. We combined TRX, yoga, core training, and more to form an EXCITING, BODY-TONING program.

Ready to rock your fitness routine to the core? Enter Muay Thai! Epic strikes, lethal elbows, and incredible kicks will get you in the best shape of your life!

Discover the very same techniques Bruce Lee used to become the most renowned - and in-shape - martial artist of all time with our North Kingstown Jeet Kune Do classes...

Discover the art of Arnis/Escrima stick fighting techniques and training. The diversity of its movements & the physical challenge it puts on your body will keep you coming back for more.

Training MMA is an excellent physical

workout. It will get your heart rate up and

improve endurance levels, which means

you’ll be in top-notch physical condition.